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Be a part of the largest running community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, get numerous discounts from our partners, take adventage of group training and entry fees and meet new friends who share the same passion.

We, at the Run&More Community, feel that those who run with us do not experience the sense of effort in the process, but instead they experience the sense of victory and the satisfying feeling of accomplishment. And once they have crossed the finish line, the importance of the results and the sense of winning is secondary to the ambiance of community (RMC!) and the friendships they formed along the way.

Peoples' desire to meet new friends, experience good vibrations, experience the city and its streets and people in a new way, and form the memories that will last for a lifetime is what inspired us to continue with the organization of this excellent event in 2023.

The soul of our city will be opened up again this year for all those who are already here and those who are yet to come. We will welcome and embrace each and every guest. We will add new excitement to our races. We will form new friendships, dance, have fun and party. We will tell new stories of racing friendships.

We will learn and grow together. This is a festival that moves everyone: young kids and schoolchildren, athletes and amateurs, runners and dancers, volunteers and sports fans. On May 14th, we bring you "Vivia Run&More Weekend" that will take place on 21 kilometers of green alleys of Banja Luka city and Kastel fortress - a half-marathon and 5 other races, seminars and Edu Coaching forums, Expo - sports equipment fair, partying on concerts and street shows. The time has come for Banja Luka and the 7th Vivia Run&More Weekend!


Our vision is to become a regional leader in organizing mass road races and a promoter of running and sports lifestyle that will contribute to building a healthier and better society, by 2025.


Our mission is to organize races and create innovative, sports, socially responsible events that inspire, bond and empower individuals and society; to promote healthy lifestyles through sport and recreation in a positive and friendly environment, and encourage overcoming personal boundaries in a trusty and supportive atmosphere.

About us
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